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Management of back pain \ Neck pain. This treatment focused on murma vital centres (energy releasing points in lumbar and cervical spine).
1) pouring tribal herbal oils(fortified hundred times by repeated steam distillation by making it as nano particles) in whole back and limbs continuously for 30,45,60-------min---for seven days to loosen the muscle facia and strngthen the back muscles (psoas major,quadriceps lumborum etc for 7 days.
2) increasing spinal blood supply by frictional powder massage aiming aiming right common iliac artery and vein
3) stimulating facet joints to produce adequate synovial fluid and joint movements
4) slightly extending the ligaments (ligamentum flavum,antr &postr longitudinal ligaments by manual tractin using minimum weights
5) positioning the vertebral column in opposite direction of prolapse disc herniations or protrusion to pull back with the help of Earth's gravity
6) locking the vertebral column with hand and leg locks by doctor himself to manipulate and pull the nucles pulposa of the discs t regain its original position painlessly and effortlessly using murma pressure points
7) closing the pain gate through induced reverse osmosis and enhancing the lymphatic drainage
8) major muscles group of the vertebral column r stenghened using njavara kizhi to regain nucleus pulposa in its original position
7) same process applicable to neck region also
8) years of back and neck pain free life